I am a software engineer with more than 10 years of working experience in development and testing positions, but I must say that I have been a tester since… well, always.

My goal is to share experiences, stories, learning and research on new technologies in testing. My dream is to be able to help anybody (interested), become a developer and a tester too. And if I can make it while writing interesting stories the better.

I self-taught myself developing and testing when I was 8 years old, with the BASIC programming language, when I was getting “Syntax error” loading games and I decided to learn how to fix and make them. This early passion drove me to get a hardware engineering, software engineering and master degrees in Computer Science.

Picture taken on delex conference

I have worked in multinational companies such as IBM, Microsoft and Dell and in a startup in Ireland. After 9 years I moved to China to work in one of the Chinese giants, Netease Games, for a couple of years.

I am an international speaker, if you are interested in previous and future talks, see this section of the blog. Feel free of checking past posts here.

You might be wondering now, why lynx? If so, check my post “The story of the test lynx” for more information.

Welcome to my blog!

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